Basildon’s Garden Room and the parterre were both used to film an evening party scene. In total it took a week to prepare for filming, as the shoot took place in late October whereas Bridgerton’s action is set during the London ‘season’, which traditionally runs from April to the end of August. The production design team brought in around 5000 artificial flowers to fill the rose garden with ‘summer’ blooms, and also added more greenery and foliage around the back of the house as well.

As it was an evening scene the filming all took place during night shoots from 8pm – 5am. A team of staff and volunteers worked around the clock to get everything set up, and to be on hand during the filming. They were also supported by four specialist project conservators, who helped to make sure that the historic surroundings and collection items were all looked after throughout the filming. 

Supporting special places

As well as showing off beautiful locations, the filming of Bridgerton directly benefits the places that star in the series. The location fees go straight back into conservation work to care for these historic houses and landscapes, so that we’ll all be able to see them both on screen and in real life for years to come.

Bridgerton Locations
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