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The Coach | Beedon | West Berkshire Villages

This pub has recently been taken over by a new landlord.

“When we arrived, we started off with quite a list of tasks to complete – many of them not to do with anything structural or even decorative, at the pub. This was partly because, as you may know, we weren’t able to acquire the entire former premises, including the car park and store, because the previous owner had obtained planning permission to build a house on that part of the property and was selling it off separately. I don’t want to pretend we couldn’t just have opened the pub pretty-much as it was, in normal times, although it would have been a bit of a stretch. And in the abnormal times of our arrival, there was literally no handover so we’ve been gradually working out some of the puzzles the building has to offer!

Given the circumstances we’re in, we are taking the opportunity to upgrade the kitchen and get a few other important issues resolved that will be beneficial further down the line.After we got here, our job list quickly expanded, from building new storage and a new car park, to include getting an adequate electricity supply connected (previously, the main system fuse was repeatedly being blown – and it’s not just a relay that you can reset with a switch), planning ecologically-sound heating and cooking systems, replacing the septic tank waste system and more.

Despite our best efforts, Scottish and Southern doesn’t look as though it’s going to get the power supply upgraded until March (which, in the light of the current lockdown, might not delay us any more than Boris does). If that gets pushed back, though, we certainly still hope to be cooking a delicious, if slightly limited, menu until we’ve got all the electrics sorted out.

You might be aware that we had originally hoped to reopen in the summer. A range of circumstances, many of them unforeseen or unforeseeable – including some related to the current pandemic and being unable to get work completed or, in some cases, even booked in – meant that we were unable to open at that time. Rather than now setting  a date that we may not be able to meet, we are just trying to get everything that absolutely has to be done ticked off the list, even if we don’t quite have all facilities on stream to start with. It is crucial, however, that we really do have everything in place that will ensure we can safely welcome you back to a pub where you can feel comfortable both in the overall milieu and ambience and in the measures we have taken to prevent coronavirus transmission. We absolutely cannot wait to do that and, as soon as we can give you a date, we will.

So, let me just say thank you for your interest and your support and we really do hope to see you soon!

We look forward to continuing to serve the local community and, we hope, attracting people from further afield, either when they are passing through the area or because they’ve heard we’re offering something good — all without making jarring changes to the pub you know and love.

Our mission is to continue to do the good stuff that The Coach has been doing — as much as is possible given that we are different people — and to improve our offering wherever we can and whenever we can. We don’t guarantee to do everything everybody suggests but we are open to any constructive suggestion you may have.

We will be reaching out through a range of media in due course. This, our own site, will be the definitive source of information including events, menus, news and anything else that you may need to know!

Possibly the most noticeable changes at The Coach will be to the food we offer. While we want to continue to satisfy you if you’ve enjoyed the food here recently, we will be branching out and offering an interesting range of street food and peasant food from around the world. Don’t worry — we will give this brief a broad interpretation and we think you’ll find food you love, whatever your tastes. Our emphasis will be on good-quality products that, wherever possible, don’t contain industrial pollutants such as artificial flavours, preservatives, colours and sweeteners — additives that are usually there for the convenience or benefit of mega food producers and not yours.

Most of our food will be home made. Having said that, we are not here to make life difficult for ourselves or expensive for you. Where there are high-quality products available from other providers then, instead of producing them from scratch, we will aim to keep costs down by using some of these products, where appropriate.

Today’s world is not universally omnivorous and we feel it’s important to cater to your personal preferences as much as possible. So, if you’re vegetarian or vegan, we’re not going to say, “Here’s your only option — you’ve got to eat this”. Whatever your dietary needs or preferences, please talk to us and we’ll do whatever we can to make you, your taste buds and your stomach happy!

Come and give us a try when we re-open in August.”

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