Formed with the aim of offering the customer something a little different.

Passionate about retail they’ve tried to create a fun place to visit, incorporating their love for the Cornish pasty, alongside their bespoke bakery, coffee shop and lounge bar.

Personality has largely been lost on today’s high streets and hopefully they've opened a venue that ‘stands out from the crowd’.

Newbury is a beautiful market town and they were lucky enough to find the perfect location in which to launch their new and exciting venture. Specialising in handmade pasties from Cornwall, lovingly baked in their ovens throughout the day!

Located in the heart of Newbury, they offer a lighthearted, fun, and friendly experience; great coffee, delicious breakfast rolls, lounge bar drinks and of course their famous Cornish pasties.

The Cornish have known for many hundreds of years that the pasty is an amazing staple at any time of the day - morning, noon or night!

With their rich Cornish heritage, we’ve no doubt that there is no better takeaway offering out there.

If you want a cosy dining experience they’ve added our handcrafted lounge bar to boot, designed and built by the owners!

For nighttime lovers, nothing beats their Cornish pasty and a pint of your favourite beer…or any other lounge bar drink for that matter!

Great for parties, large gatherings, special occasions, sporting events, in fact pretty much anywhere with larger groups of people.

Freshly baked in their ovens, they’ll remain at the perfect eating temperature for up to an hour and a half.

They’re at their very best luke warm and even taste great cold!

Or take them home cold and a quick 15 minute oven bake in the convenience of your own home, will fire them back up.

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