Artisan Shopping around West Berkshire

Shepard’s Bakery in Chieveley
Shepherd’s Bakery – Chieveley

Shepherd’s Bakery started in Chieveley in 1898 offering a door-to-door delivery service. Since then many things have changed but Shepherd’s has remained a constant in the village, although now a much bigger business than it was then. So it is with pride that Shepherd’s returns to its roots 110 years later by once again delivering bread door-to-door. We are a heritage bakery that uses traditional baking methods. 

Baking was always our ambition and after my work experience with Andrew Shepherd, then owner of Shepherd’s Bakery, I went on to work at the bakery at weekends and school holidays. After leaving school I went full time there, moving up the ranks to bakery manager. In 1999 we had the opportunity to buy the business.

“Although the types of customers may change, our process and traditional method of baking remain largely the same. I love being able to introduce our gorgeous bread and rolls to new customers who are always amazed and excited by the taste and smell of ‘real bread’, and how well it keeps.”

Aston’s Bakehouse, Inkpen
Aston’s Bakehouse, Inkpen

Aston’s Bakehouse is owned and run by Syd Aston and is located in the beautiful village of Inkpen in rural West Berkshire.

Syd Aston was one of the first organic bakers in the country and has built a reputation for quality which goes back many years. He has a background in farming, so he understands fully the principles behind organic food from seed to loaf. Syd’s personal principles have not shifted since day one – offering top quality, hand-made breads produced on a small scale with minimum impact on the environment.

The Honesty Bakery – Newbury

The Honesty Bakery is situated in Turnpike, Newbury.  We bake 6 days a week, employing 4 full time artisan bakers and 4 full time pastry chefs.  Our breads and pastries are all made using local organic, stoneground flour and the doughs are folded and shaped by hand.

Our bread and cake range is extensive and new products are introduced monthly.  Speciality breads include sourdough, Italian rosemary and sea salt and black olive bread.  We also make the more traditional English loaves such as bloomers and sandwich tin, white and wholemeal.  Some loaves are made using heritage grains such as Emmer and Khorasan, both of which are growing in popularity.

The Lobster Pot- Hungerford

The Lobster Pot joined our team here at Cobbs in November 2010. They receive fresh deliveries from boats in Cornwall everyday to ensure that the quality and freshness of their fish is never compromised.

If you do need some inspiration for how to prepare your fish, new recipe ideas or any advice on the health benefits of eating fish then be sure to pop in and speak to one of the team

Berkshire Seafoods

Established in 2005 West Berkshire Seafoods Ltd supplies the local community and restaurant trade with high quality seafood. We source all our fish from day boats landing to ports from Newlyn to Lerwick and Berwick down to Brighton. We complement our fresh stock with live shellfish such as razor clams and lobster from Scotland, fresh Scallops from Islay and spider crab from Cornwall. Please contact us for further information or to plaice an order. The Harvard School of Public Health reported in the Journal of American Health (2006) that the health benefits of regular consumption of fish far outweighed any potential risks. Studies in the 1970s of the Greenland Inuit Tribe revealed that they displayed virtually no Cardiovascular disease. The Inuit diet predominately on fish.

Marlow’s Finest Artisnal Cheesemakers

We are a small, familly run business based in the picturesque town of Marlow and pride ourselves on working with local dairy farmers, allowing us to source our milk locally to create our delicious cheeses.

Village Maid Cheese.

Anne Wigmore began making cheese at the National Institute for Research in Dairying (NIRD) in 1984, having worked as a microbiologist at the establishment. In the experimental dairy Anne produced different types of cheese for projects within the institute and organised tasting panels. She also visited the then few artisan cheese-makers in the country for consultations and this inspired a passion for artisan cheese. 

After leaving the institute in 1985 to travel abroad with Andy and two friends, who were fulfilling a lifelong ambition of sailing their self-made yacht back to Australia, their return after six months provided Anne with the opportunity of going it alone. Anne formed her own company under the government Enterprise Allowance scheme where she was paid £40 per week and offered short training courses in administration to become a successful entrepreneur. Thus the seeds of Village Maid Cheese were sown and the company was born from humble beginnings in a garden outbuilding in Spencers Wood near Reading in May 1986.

Two Hoots  Cheese
Two Hoots Cheese- Barkham

Located in the village of Barkham on the Hampshire/Berkshire border, Two Hoots Cheese is a small family business which prides itself on producing award-winning quality handmade blue cheese.

The cheeses are made in the traditional way with pasteurised cows’ and ewe’s milk. Husband and wife team Sandy and Andy Rose have been producing cheese since 2003 and have recently been joined by their daughter

The Pangborne Cheese Shop
The Pangborne Cheese shop

“For Us It’s All About The Cheese”

Providing you with  a generous choice of over 100 hand- crafted artisan cheeses from home and abroad

They buy our cheese direct from small cheesemakers and specialist cheese merchants. Their ethos is to offer our customers great cheese with old fashioned customer service for an all round shopping experience.

Vicars Game
Vicars Game- Ashampstead

William Vicars & Son was established in Reading in 1886 and has traded in the same family for generations.

In 1973, the company changed hands and was bought by Alan Hayward, who subsequently opened a specialist game processing department (Vicars Game) in part of the old Reading Abattoirs. This then moved to Scours Lane and then in 2001 to Ashampstead.

Here in Ashampstead, we have grown our wholesale game and meat processing and opened the catering side of the business. In 2005 we started to cure our own bacon and expand the sausage manufacturing side, making over 2 tonnes daily. During this period, our turnover increased tenfold and the quality and diversity of our products rapidly attracted the attention of an increasing number of prestige retailers and restaurants.

Marsden Fudge

Marsden’s Confectionery, winner of 17 awards is highly successful home-based business,  making a range of fudge and chocolates to traditional recipes of the highest quality and excellence.

Mortimer Chocolate Co

We make chocolate here in the UK.   We have a unique (and secret) process to make chocolate powder.  We don’t make bars (although we could), but we make our chocolate into a powder to make it easier to use… To make a chocolate drink, to cook with, or, as very many of our customers confess, to eat it straight from the pack with a spoon!   We also make drinking chocolates for cafes and, if you manufacture ice creams or cakes, we make cocoa mass and cocoa powder for you too.    The one thing ALL our products have in common?   They are all delicious!   Just as great chocolate should be!

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