A Perfect Planet

A must watch programme for 2021!


NarratorDavid Attenborough
DirectorHuw Cordey
EditorSam Rogers
ComposerIlan Eshkeri
Production ManagerJenni Collie
Series ProducerHuw Cordey
Executive ProducerAlastair Fothergill
Executive ProducerKeith Scholey
A Perfect Planet Series 1: 1. Volcano A look at how without volcanoes, there would be no life on Earth. Although destructive, magma from the planet’s molten core builds land, and mineral-rich ash from eruptions fertilises the surface.
A Perfect Planet Series 1: 2. The Sun From the frozen poles to the searing deserts, this episode shows how animals have come up with strategies to survive the uneven amounts of sunlight that fall on our planet.
A Perfect Planet Series 1: 3. Weather Weather controls the distribution of freshwater around our planet. In turn, shapes the lives of animals across the globe, rising to an incredible diversity of species and habitats.
A Perfect Planet Series 1: 4. Oceans There are not five separate oceans, but one. Its waters linked by powerful forces that keep them on the move. This constant mixing is vital for the health of oceans and marine life.
A Perfect Planet Series 1: 5. Humans Humans are changing our planet so rapidly, it’s affecting earth’s life support systems: our weather, our oceans and the living world.