UK winter wildlife quiz: true or false?

Winter is coming. From migration to hibernation, our wildlife will be deploying a range of strategies to survive this challenging season. Take our quiz to see how much you know about what goes on in the natural world at this time of year.
WHAT BIRD IS IT COMPETITION..... THE WARM-UPS ROUND 1. On Friday morning 7am I will be launching a competition to win a £40 voucher to use towards any walk or experience once we come out of lockdown.... This competition will be run on social media as a thank you to my followers for all the interaction, tags, likes, shares.... you guys rock! So to get you geared up for Friday today I’m running two warm up rounds (just for fun) to get the think tanks going...... So here are 3 images of parts of a bird..... what are they??? Pop your answers in the comments and I’ll reveal later today! Round 2 will be at 6pm today.

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