Owl Boxes by Steve Gozdz

I know a number of you are aware how lucky we are in The Chilterns, having several Owl types here on our doorstep; most commonly heard being the Tawny with sightings, then we also have both Little Owl and Barn Owl quite regularly seen, and then the lesser seen Short-Eared Owl too.

We can help encourage their nesting and breeding success by providing safe environments for them.

If you think your garden or area might have a suitable space, why not consider an Own Box?

Happy to do a free visit if local (or a small charge if much further afield just to cover travel expense), and advise on your site, where may be suitable, etc and for what type.

The boxes you can see below – each one is handmade so may differ slightly but all are designed to suit the owl in question in terms of layout, materials… and built to last.

£150 for the Barn Owl Box
£170 for the Little Owl Box
£195 for the Tawny Owl Box

The most expensive part is the material as the boxes are quite sizeable to make a deep nest box for the birds as they have clutches of several chicks. They are all made from outdoor durable wood so can be for in a barn or in a tree (barn owls nest in boxes indoors and outdoors if a suitable nest box is provided).

I offer free local delivery and can then get a quote for delivery for further afield.

Drop me an email if interested! Info@goringgapwildlifewalks.co.uk

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