The Experience

‘Lapland’ is a secret immersive adventure based on an original reimagination of the Father Christmas myth. We introduce you to an ancient elven civilisation through a magical world of storytelling that fuses the spectacle of a filmset with the performance of theatre, all experienced within the intimacy of your own family. The award-winning experience begins with a special invitation and creates memories that will last a lifetime. A celebration and honouring of the wonderment of childhood.

The Invitation

With an upsurge in human kindness this year, children’s wishes have been making the Northern Wish Lights shine brighter than ever! For this reason, the elves have too many toys to make and are struggling to finish their workload in time for Christmas. Father Christmas decides to invite the very best Small Folk of the world to journey to Lapland to help the elves with their toy making. And so arrives a personalised invitation from Father Christmas, sealed with wax and housed in a beautiful presentation box, requesting the help of your child this year

The Enchanted Forest

Deep in the Enchanted Forest there lies a secret. But to uncover it, you must first become acquainted with the elves! A hidden and magical world unfolds. First, Woodland elves present your child with a special elven passport allowing your family to travel their magical elven pathways. Will you discover the secret doorway into Lapland that the Toymaker and his wife Mary stepped through long ago to start their new lives with the elves, forever thereafter becoming known to the world as Father and Mother Christmas?

The Toy Factory

With Christmas drawing nearer and toys for children all over the world still needing to be finished, the Toy Factory elves, Whittle, Conker and Wish are thrilled to welcome your child to their workshop to help them with their toymaking. Indeed, the children prove to be so skilful, each one is awarded the distinction of becoming Honorary Elves by the Elf Council.

Mother Christmas’ Kitchen

Wafting through the Lapland air, you will soon smell delicious gingerbread coming from Mother Christmas’ kitchen. Here your child will be warmly welcomed by Mother Christmas and her kitchen elves to help decorate Father Christmas’ favourite treat! Donning their very own Lapland apron, it’s time for children to get creative before enjoying story time with Mother Christmas.

The Elven Village

Journey deeper into the Lapland forest until you happen upon a hive of activity in the Elven Village.Immerse yourselves in the day to day world of the elves as they prepare for Christmas! Here your child can send a letter to Father Christmas from Elva’s Post Office, ice-skate on the frozen pond, meet the huskies, refuel in Pumpernickel’s restaurant or Pixie Mixie’s sweetshop, enjoy a steaming hot chocolate and peruse beautiful festive decorations, toys and giftware in the Elf Emporium.

Meeting Father Christmas

Excitement builds as you travel deeper into the snowy forest for your private audience with Father Christmas in his cosy wood-cabin home, passing his magical sleigh and reindeer as you near.Reflected in the warming glow of the fire, watch your child’s eyes widen in amazement by how well he knows them and treasure their delight in seeing their very own name on Father Christmas’ Good List. So pleased with how well your child helped his elves, Father Christmas presents them with a special golden bell that he only ever awards to his very best elves.Plus, a beautiful soft husky puppy toy from his Husky Hero sled team to take home and love.

Be sure to collect your family photograph before you leave Lapland and return to the Enchanted Forest.

But the magic continues…

Christmas Morning

What joy! On Christmas morning your child will be ecstatic to not only find a card from Father Christmas thanking them for their help in saving Christmas, but also, the toy they helped the elves make on their visit to Lapland. Father Christmas and all the elves agreed they had truly deserved to keep it! (NB the Toy Factory gift is discreetly handed to parents on exiting Lapland) Merry Christmas!

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