Spotlight on The Bunk Inn, Curridge

The Bunk Inn is a charming, traditional village pub full of character – the ideal spot for a leisurely drink or a superb meal with family and friends, seven days a week. Their picturesque location in the attractive village of Curridge, is just a few miles from Newbury Racecourse. They offer seasonal menus and have a Christmas and Festive Menu available at the moment.

“At The Bunk Inn we’re committed to providing a wonderful atmosphere, great service and a warm welcome. We’re dedicated to being the place where locals and visitors share the same great food sourced from excellent local suppliers. We aim to deliver this experience to you by providing brilliant and efficient service, exciting dining and exceptional hospitality in a relaxed manner but with very high standards”

The Bunk Inn derived its name from the habit of local workers, mainly from the nearby brickworks, ‘bunking’ off work early for a drink. The pub was previously called The New Inn. The term ‘to bunk off’ or ‘to do a bunk’ is of indefinite origin but is thought to derive from people absconding from work, school or home, escaping from capture or punishment, or merely hiding from detection. Many would hide in the bunks of rural barns or, in more extreme cases, actually flee to sea, where they’d sleep in bunk beds.

The Bunk Inn Offers the Working From Home Escape

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