Bucklebury Farm

Wildlife Maize Maze

Experience and learn new activities with the children, throughout the Summer in our great Wildlife Maize Maze, come rain or shine!
This is your chance to ‘go wild’ and create magical memories and make exciting discoveries.

You can answer the clues about your favourite woodland animals and follow the trail through the Wildlife Maize Maze to discover the homes of Woodland friends Stanley the Stag, Freddie Fox, Mary Mouse and Ola Owl.

Bring your favourite woodland animals to life and join in the woodland bushcraft activities that will be on offer. Help create our giant Wildlife collage scene. See how you perform on the Woodland Olympic assault course and make your own music on the Woodland instruments.

Our Farm Yard

Donkeys and Shetland Ponies

We have both standard and miniature donkeys. Clover, the youngest of our miniature donkeys was a surprise arrival when she was born at the farm one January. Lexi and Flower our resident ponies are always pleased to meet and greet our guests! The all enjoy being groomed and thundering around the paddocks.

Berkshire Pigs

Wev are the proud owners of some fine rare breed Berkshire Pigs. not only are they very friendly, inquisitive and fun to keep, they  make good mothers.

Anglo-Nubian and Pygmy Goats

Our family of pygmy goats get very excited when they spot a guest coming with a bag of animal feed! They line up and happy eat right out of your hand. You can often spot them play fighting with each other, and generally being a bit cheeky. We also have some fantastically large Anglo-Nubian goats, which have delightfully floppy ears.


In the barn we have a Pat-a-pet area where our gorgeous rabbits and guinea pigs can be petted by our visitors, usually a favourite for our younger visitors.

Our Red Deer herd was established in 1992 and has steadily grown to a population of around 150, with one main stag and a mix of hinds, other young stags and young calves. The magnificent parkland setting provides an unrivalled view of the deer in their natural habitat.

As well as the Red Deer we have Fallow, Sika and Axis deer.

Red Deer

The Red Deer is one of the largest deer species. The calves and fawns are usually born the last week in May or early June, the red deer calves looking just like Bambi complete with white spots which remain for their first six weeks.

Fallow Deer

The species is very variable in colour but the common form has a brown coat with white mottles that are most pronounced in summer with a much darker coat in the winter.

Sika Deer

The Sika Deer are closely related to Red Deer and they inhabit much of East Asia.

Axis Deer

Also known as the spotted deer, or Chital deer. It is the most common deer species in Indian forests. Its coat is reddish fawn, marked with white spots, and its underparts are white. Its antlers, which it sheds annually, are usually three-pronged and curve in a lyre shape and may extend up to 75 cm.


FREE Tractor and trailer rides.

No visit to Bucklebury Farm Park would be complete without a free tractor and trailer ride. Each trip takes around fifteen minutes and there is usually a chance to feed the tamer members of the deer herd. Please note that for safety reasons trailer rides may not be available in wet ground conditions.

 Honesty Cafe at Bucklebury Farm Park

Honesty at Bucklebury Farm Park offers a warm welcoming atmosphere and makes an ideal meeting place for friends, family, ramblers and cyclists.

At Honesty Bucklebury we provide a great environment in which to relax, chat, eat and drink. Open to all visitors and non-visitors to the Farm Park and happy to welcome walkers, cyclists, families with their children and anyone else who wishes to visit.

We have a wide range of hot and cold drinks, using rainforest alliance beans in our own Honesty coffee blend. Ethically sourced teas and a variety of cold drinks, means there’s something to please everyone. We offer a fantastic breakfast and lunch menu, all handmade by Honesty.

Our breakfast menu includes a full english breakfast with locally sourced meat and free range eggs. We also provide smaller plates, for lighter days, such as porridge with honey and seeds or avocado butter on toast with poached eggs.

For lunch there is a range of choices from soups, warm and hearty meals, jacket potatoes, a range of paninis, toasted sandwiches, filled pittas and cold sandwiches. Something for everyone as well as children’s portions and prices.

If you are just looking for something quick, try our range of fresh pastries, cakes and biscuits to accompany your afternoon coffee and tea.

Honesty produce is all made using traditional methods with no additives, chemical flavour enhancers or preservatives. Our bread is available to order and sold in every store.

Disabled/carer Season Ticket 2020 £46
Child/Concession Season Ticket 2020. £54.00
Adult Season Ticket 2020. £60.00
Adopt an Animal (Silver Package)
Adopt and Animal (Gold Package)

We’ve been thinking long and hard about how you can get the most of your visit whilst helping us be COVID-secure, and that has meant we’ve made a few changes.

To maintain social distancing, we’ll be asking you to follow our distance markers around the Farm Park and adhere to some new one-way routes.
We’d like to thank you in advance for your patience and understanding at this time, as we all work to adapt to a new way of visiting. We’ll have plenty of staff on hand to answer any questions, reassure any worries and to help you adapt to our changes.
At this time even when we are once again open, the restarting of animal experiences will see a slightly longer delay to allow us to further plan for social distancing measures in these circumstances where it may not be possible or as easy.
We will continue to keep you updated on the opening of these aspects of the Farm Park.

On Arrival
When you arrive please leave plenty of space between your car and the next when parking, or if arriving by public transport please remember to follow government guidance surrounding face masks.
Then proceed as you usually would to enter the Farm Park. The entrance queue and exit path have been split to allow you to socially 2-meter distance when entering and exiting the Farm Park.
If you need to queue please remain 2 meters apart and wait at the entrance doors until you are called to an available till. Floor markings will be in place to make the process as easy as possible to follow. To allow for adequate space we will be operating just 2 tills, where we have plastic shields in place.

Farm Activities
Following an update from the Government we are now running our usual summer timetable including our very popular tractor rides.
Animal interaction is now permitted by the Government and we will therefore be selling animal feed and running activities such as Pat-A-Pet and Egg Collecting.
Visitors are encouraged to make use of our washing stations throughout the day and also, before and after your visit to our Farm Yard.
Please always remember your social distancing.
We still have furloughed staff, please note, that especially during such feeding activities, staff may not have enough time to stop for answering many questions.

As always you are welcome to bring a picnic to the Farm Park, however to discourage queueing at the front gate we will discourage re-entry to the park to minimise movement in and out through reception for trips to the car park.
We will have plenty of seating outside, all benches have been moved with a 2m space, which will be cleaned throughout the day and has been laid out to allow people to socially distance while eating, we kindly ask, picnic benches are not moved.
A strict queuing system will be in place where we will ask you to socially distance while waiting to order hot and cold drinks and ice-creams.

Play Areas
The indoor play area and play bus remains shut and use of the outdoor play with jumping pillow will be opened, due to the lifting of Government Guidance.
As that stands at this time it means that we will not have any indoor play slides and soft play open.

On Leaving
With the opening of non-essential retail shops from 15th June we will have our gift shop open and will be operating a queuing system to allow people not wishing to make purchases to easily leave the park through the shop without crossing the queue.
We will ask that you practice social distancing in the shop, try to minimise the number of people in your group browsing, have just 1 person from each group queuing to pay for products and keep the handling of products in the shop to a minimum.
When you leave through the exit doors the path will once again be split away from the entrance queue and you will be leaving through a new gate opposite to our main driveway into the Farm Park.

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