Paul Presents: West Berkshire Youth with David Seward

Congratulations to Berkshire Youth

Paul Presents: Berkshire Youth with David Seward

It has been an exciting year for Berkshire Youth since we spoke to David , just over a year ago. They are about to embark on an exciting new venture and David explains what the new plans for the future are.

About Berkshire Youth

Berkshire Youth have been serving the youth of Berkshire for 80 years, supporting and developing clubs and delivering projects. They provide activities to encourage a healthy lifestyle, training for youth workers and volunteers and encouraging young people to take positive action within their community.

Their mission is 

‘To be the champion of young people in Berkshire, furthering their development and education and enriching their lives through leisure time activities to help them grow to full maturity as individuals and members of society and that their conditions of life may be improved.’


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