Greenfest 2020

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Greenfest 2020

Online links for September

4th September 2020-The How, What and Why of Recycling in West Berkshire
4th September 2020- Biocycle- Students Take on Food Waste In Southampton
4th September 2020- set Up A Community Fridge/Larder
4th Sept 2020- Make Your Own Household Cleaners
5th September 2020- How Council's New Investment Bonds Will Help Transition to a Greener West Berks
5th Sept 2020- The Community Fighting to Protect an Ancient Woodland from HS2
We’re so excited to be welcoming Scientist, Environmentalist and award-winning communicator Matthew Shribman to our GreenFest virtual stage on Saturday 5th September.
In this live talk he’ll be considering what a green recovery looks like. Of course, it’s a very broad question that takes in every aspect of the way we live. With little more than an hour to explore the subject, Matthew will focus his answer to our question on a topic that is of huge concern to him; the way we use our land.
​Matthew is an engaging speaker and teacher, who builds a brilliant rapport with his audience. This talk will be available to watch after the event, but we would urge you to attend the live showing if you can and get any burning questions that will undoubtedly arise, answered.
For those who haven’t come across Matthew before, he has appeared on TV, radio and is prevalent on social media (check out Matthew Shribman’s Science In The Bath and AimHi). His podcast, A Piece of String, is supported by QI co-founder, John Mitchinson. He also founded Planet A to turn respected scientific knowledge into urgently needed action

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