Nick Adams Cross Channel Swim 17th JULY 2020

Nick has in the past been the president and is now the vice president of the Cross Channel Swimming Association.

He swam his first crossing at the age of 16.

Nick was attempting his 16th crossing of the channel and like any swim you have to have a support crew, adjudicator and a registered pilot boat. Weather also plays a big part in the swim as to whether you will make it or not.

Of course, other factors can come into play like fatigue and seasickness.

We set of at 05:00 on Friday morning for Dover and met our captain and pilot at 07:00.

The message was clear skies and water temp of 16.7 degrees, the last 2hrs might be a challenge due to the changing tides and wind (and believe me the wind came and the boat rocked!)

We set off to the launch point, set Nick up with copious amounts of sun cream and Vaseline to stop chafing. The time was 08:15.

The first hour he swam with a stroke rate of 44 per minute (arm cycles) an hour we set up the feeding station which comprises of Maxim flavoured with cordial. He does eat bananas, jelly babies and sometimes tinned peaches as they are easy to swallow and digest

The weather was kind to us, glorious sunshine and a slight breeze.

Nick continued at a very steady and even pace for many hours and constantly being given the nutritional drink every half hour, even avoiding the dreaded Jelly fish.

Its an extreme sport an approximate 21 miles (32 kilometres) one of endurance and dedication. We were hoping to land at the Cap Griz Nez but were just to the left by about 250m.

My part in all of this was that I am a member of the Royal Life Saving Society and Eton College where Nick teaches. I was asked to be part of the support team. Both Stuart and I swam the last 500 mtrs to join Nick on the beach. An experience of a lifetime even though I didn’t swim it all it something I will never forget

Nick made the crossing in 12hrs and 2 mins total cost for all this is £3500.

Chris Glover

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