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Community News- What's Happening Across West Berkshire

Paul Presents: Living with Depression, Aromatherapy, Reiki & Shamanic Druming with Heather Parker . Heather talks very candidly and openly about her life with depression. Depression crept into Heather’s life in her teenage years -as Heather describes it “disappearing down a rabbit hole”. Her sister practised aromatherapy massage on her, which Heather found helped enormously and she went on to learn those skills for herself. Later she began to practise Reiki which gave her a feeling of being in a place of relaxation and stillness and then the rhythmic shamanic drumming taking her to what she describes as now having the best job in the world, running her own therapy in Newbury.

This Week’s Guest Blogs from Graham Steel & Margaret Finch

Listen Up! Local Bands & Music News with Graham Steel
Saving Seeds by Margaret Finch - Don't forget you can ask Margaret any gardening questions you have or have a look at what other people have been asking.
J. Kart's Journey Through Recycling in West Berkshire- Week 10
Looking for a Vegan or Vegetarian Choice- we have a look at what some of the local places are offering in October.
Enjoy watching the meteors? When is the next show? Watch out for the Orionids- Fast with fine trains. Associated with Comet Halley and due on the 21st - 22nd October. With the Taurus, Leonids, Geminids and Ursids to follow!!!!
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