Paul Presents: Hampstead Norreys Community Shop with Lesley Ravenscroft & Avril Mason

Hampstead Norreys Community shop is a new build, positioned in a beautiful courtyard. It opened on March 26th, 2011 as a result of a village parish plan open meeting held in 2006 at which 80% of the people requested a shop. It replaced the original village shop that closed in 1998 because it was no longer viable. 
Backed by the wider community, a small group of dedicated volunteers spent some years researching what was possible, and it is thanks to their vision and determination that the shop is as it is today – the heart of Hampstead Norreys.
The shop and café are thriving. We are proud of all we have achieved but this couldn’t have been done without our lovely staff and our many, many volunteers. The title of ‘Best Rural Shop in Britain’ is a testament to the many who have worked tirelessly to make our shop such a brilliant place to be. ​
In 2016 we extended the shop to create a café and kitchen, and a much needed customer loo. That we were able to do this was due to support by shareholders, volunteers and customers, and very generous grants from Power to Change and Greenham Common Trust.

 Paul Presents talks to Barbara Kilpatrick and Euan Kilpatrick from Hampstead Norreys. Barbara has been living with a gluten free diet for many years and has a wealth of experience, selling many of her delicious cakes at the award winning Hampstead Norreys Community Shop. Euan works at General Mills, the largest food company in the world, who supply our major grocery stores with gluten free products. This has become and expanding trade, with many people now choosing to eat gluten free products, rather than just those needing to eat gluten free diet.