Sue Ryder and British Wireless for the Blind: Hannah Richards and Simon Parsons

On October 5 Forrester and Allen had a visit from Hannah Richards, Berkshire Community Fundraiser for Sue Ryder, who provide palliative, neurological and bereavement support nationally. Hannah made a huge impact on everybody with her overwhelmingly upbeat attitude and unwavering support of the positive role of hospices. Hannah is regularly out in the community supporting and sometimes initiating local efforts to raise money for the charity. Hannah also spoke movingly of her love for her mum, who provided such a strong role model in her upbringing. 

We also spoke to Simon Parsons and Richard Deadman about their roles in the supply of equipment to help the hard of sight. Simon is Regional Development Manager for British Wireless for the Blind, who have operated since 1928. His organisation work with Roberts to produce state of the art radio equipment specially made for the visually impaired. Anybody registered blind or partially sighted receiving means tested benefit qualifies for the provision of equipment free of charge. Richard is visually impaired himself and works for Berkshire Vision, visiting homes to set up the kit or responding to queries and providing experienced guidance. They work together to provide a service which can make so much difference to the quality of life of those battling sight loss.